Tuesday, 4 July 2017

10 Best Places For Honeymoon In August

10 Best Places For Honeymoon In August

Every couple hopes for a romantic vacation in a honeymoon destination soon after tying the knot. But the severe monsoons in international honeymoon destinations of Singapore-Thailand-Maldives & hills of North India and the winter chills of Australia-New Zealand often leave those getting married in July-August extremely worried. Pointless, we say! For there’s still a long list of the best places for honeymoon in August.

So, brace yourself. For you will be totally stunned by the beauty of the suggested honeymoon destinations for August.

Wondering where to go for honeymoon in August in India?

1. Agumbe, Karnataka: Take a hike through the Cherrapunji of the South
2. Alappuzha, Kerala: Sail in the backwaters of the Venice of the East
3. Khandala, Maharashtra: Catch the post-rainfall views of the beautiful valley

Or would you visit one of the honeymoon destinations outside India in August?

4. Capri, Italy: Catch a falling star under the Italian Sky on Notte di San Lorenzo
5. Edinburgh, Scotland: Relish the experiences in the Mecca of Scottish culture
6. Fiji: Experience the luxury in the South Pacific island
7. Akureyri, Iceland: Witness breathtaking views during the days & at nights
8. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Enjoy the old-world charm
9. Paris, France: Romance in the City of Lights
10. Sabah, Malaysia: Walk in the paradise for the nature lovers


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